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Experienced F&I professionals train your people from the very basic techniques to the advanced techniques
to turn your Finance and Insurance department into a professional and comfortable place for your customers to do business, while maintaining great profits.
The F&l Department should be the single most profitable department In the entire dealership based on the amount of employees, cost of inventory and profit per deal. Without a properly trained F&I manager, most dealers find it to be a necessary evil. These same dealers will always wonder the same thing:
"How can we make more money off of our existing customers without spending a bunch of money?"
The answer to this Is simple, provide your dealership with a well trained F&I manager and all the products needed to make their department successful.
Reading and Understanding Credit Reports
Reading and Understanding Credit Reports is important in the steps to becoming a great F&I manager. An F&I manager trained to read and understand these credit report will have ammunition to fight to get more deals bought and everybody knows more deals bought equals more sales. Torque Group's skilled professionals will train your F&I managers to find positives on credit reports and to convey those positives to the lenders to get more deals bought.
Product Understanding
Product Understanding although extremely Important Is often overlooked. Without a proper understanding of how a product works, why the customer needs a product, and what needs to be done for a claim to be paid, an F&I manager can't build any value or credibility In any of these products. Torque Group will train your F&I manager to understand the way each product works, what products customers should take advantage of, and In the event of a claim how to help the customer through the process.
State Compliances
State Compliances is a step we have found most dealers don't seem to know and understand. Torque Group's skilled professionals will train you F&I manager to keep up with all State Compliance Issues to help ensure your dealership Is not open for bad exposure.
Menu Presentation and Value Building
Menu Presentation and Value Building are efficient techniques to stay compliant, increase sales and earn higher profits. Torque Group's Skilled Professionals will teach these techniques to your F&I Department how to more effectively Interview customers and prepare them for the menu presentation. We will train them to know the value, understand the value, and build value In every product to ensure their success In the F&I department. By using these techniques your F&I department not only builds profitability, It also will build efficiency.
Advanced Closing Skills
Advanced Closing Skills will help your F&I manager to over come the customer's objections and to understand the customer's unique needs. Your F&I manager will learn proven techniques to present every product to every customer In a non-confrontational way that will get a "yes" far more times than a "no." Torque Group has worked for many years developing proven presentations that fit the unique needs of the power sports industry.
Managing a Profitable F&I Department
Managing a Profitable F&I Department Includes forging satisfying relationships with lenders, and maximizing the performance of the F&I managers by employing time management and coaching skills. Torque Group's Skilled professionals will train your F&I managers to understand what It takes to exceed all their goals and maintain a compliant department that uses Its time efficiently and effectively.
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