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Torque Group Net Profit Improvement Training
Torque Group
If your management team doesn't know how much net profit to produce, teach them.
A three day evaluation in your dealership to produce a profitable business plan
Ongoing visits to your dealership and weekly phone follow-up to ensure accountability and results
Torque Group Profit Management Meetings
Torque Group
Torque GroupTogether with a Torque Group Consultant, you and your managers meet a monthly in your dealership to review departmental performance against Torque Group Benchmarks.
Action plans are constructed for each department and controlled by a specialized Torque Group Training & Consulting software, greatly improving follow-up and accountability.
Each department improvement is built around increasing net profit and then increasing market share.
Engaging managers in analysis and decision making process brings quick buy0in for the changes identified.
Experience first-hand the results you will achieve after your very first meeting.
Torque Group New & Used Vehicle Department Consulting
Torque Group
Our relationship will identify key issues and solutions to your dealership's profit roadblocks.
Torque Group Consultant meet with your department managers and department staff on-site to analyze and identify opportunities.
A business plan is customized and managers are made part of the solutions to reduce expenses, improve desking structure, improve inventory turn, develop marketing goals and improve the reconditioning process.  Please click here for more information about our reconditioning program.
Dealership Support & Compliance Service
Torque Group
Nobody understands that service drives success better than the Torque Group.
Today's informed buyer is much different than that of even just a few years ago, Torque Group will help to ensure all compliances are met and your business is not open for bad exposure.
With identity theft at an all time high, making sure your customer is who they say they are is more important than ever.
Torque Group F&I Training
Torque Group
State compliant custom dealership menu design
Legal challenges facing the industry.
Customer driven sales techniques to improve sales performance.
Monthly meetings and counseling to ensure maximized profit.
Torque Group's standard F&I Training Program.  Please click here for more information about the Torque Group's standard F&I training.
Sales Management Training
Torque Group
Custom log and compliant deal jacket design.
Desking deals efficiently and effectively
Follow up after the sale
Steps to the sale.
Torque Group's standard Sales Management Training Program. Please click the link below for more Information about
Torque Group's standard Sales "'Management Training Program.
Sales Department Training
Torque Group
Role play scenarios
Overcoming objections
Turn over to F&I
Torque Group's standard Sales Training. Please click the link below for more Information about Torque Group's standard
Sales Training
Events, Marketing & Incentives
Torque Group
Market share analysis
Effective marketing planning
Event planning
Monthly tracking of how your advertising dollars are working for you. <> Employee Incentives, Trips and bonuses for reaching objectives
Dealer Responsibilities
Torque Group
A commitment to Implement and test all Torque Group's methods and programs.
Honesty in monthly analysis reports.
Complete commitment by all managers and staff members.
An Open Mind
Torque Group Total Solutions Program Pricing
Torque Group
As low as $3800 enrollment fee with 1 year commitment
$500 monthly monitoring and training fees with minimum 1 year commitment
Torque Group's Guarantee for success, if your dealership doesn't see a 30% gain in combined profit of the Sales and F&I departments after 1 year, we ill refund your enrollment fee.
Torque Group Insurance
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